About Us

Founded in 2008, Trilogi Software Solutions, LLC, is comprised of the principals below and a team of expert consultants. We have managed teams, designed and developed software, architecture, and workflow solutions for organizations including Symantec, Hewlett-Packard, Fireman’s Fund Insurance, United Way, University of California San Francisco, and Educational Testing Service.


Ken Berger, founder, has managed IT staffs of up to 100 engineers and has architected dozens of complex, enterprise software platforms and applications.

Larry Berger, responsible for Trilogi’s Asana Consulting, is a leading expert in Asana usage, workflows, and API, and has extensive experience in interaction design, information architecture, user experience, usability, and client-side development with Fortune 500 companies and many mid-size firms and startups. He has over twenty years of experience as a project and staff manager of complex, large-scale web/mobile applications, major corporate websites and user interface software design and development.


We know consulting project assignments don't all follow the same recipe, but we think they all should be guided by common practices and a consistent approach. We draw on the knowledge, skills, and strategies we’ve developed over many years and through many engagements.

We tailor our process to the specific client and project drawing on the knowledge, skills, and strategies we’ve developed over many years and through many engagements.

Clients tell us we are:

Innovative and Practical We know what processes and tools the most progressive tech firms and startups use, and we know which ones translate well to enterprise IT organizations and other firms. We’re current, innovative and creative yet pragmatic, realistic, and budget-minded.

Invested in Our Clients’ Success Our clients sense how passionate we are about our work, and recognize our commitment to them and their users. We are consistently commended on the care we take in ensuring our clients' success.

Committed to the Big Picture and the Details We focus on the big picture and every detail; nothing falls through the cracks. We use Asana (asana.com) for our work tracking and collaboration. We’re transparent, productive and thorough.

Collegial and Team-Oriented We trust and respect the team we’re contracted to work with and earn their trust and respect early on. And we have a sense of humor.