Expert Asana, workflow, and IT project/staff management consultants

We're innovative and practical, invested in our clients’ success, committed to the big picture and the details, and collegial and team-oriented. Learn how Trilogi's approach is different.

Asana Consulting, Training, and Integrations

  • Asana consulting by leading Asana Services Partner Larry Berger. See Asana Consulting for details. (Asana is the premier web/mobile application for work-tracking, project management, and collaboration)

IT Management, Development Team Staffing, and Solutions Architecture

  • Managing teams
  • Managing projects of all sizes
  • Recruiting leads, architects, software engineers, QA, and support engineers
  • System Architecture
  • Software Design
  • Full-Stack Software Development
  • QA Testing

No fancy business . . . Just making order out of chaos